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Free meals = Happy team 👌

SaaS for Employee meals management:
Convenience for the team - pay for lunch with a mobile app.
Time-saving for the management - process automation platform.
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SaaS for Employee meals management

How it works:


1. Time-saving for the management

Use the self-service portal to add employees and set their lunch budget. The system takes care of everything else (budget control, reports, invoices, etc.).

Now you can leave paper vouchers and magnetic cards for the past and save time. 

2. Convenience for the team

Employees pay for meals with the mobile app (older people can also use NFC cards).

Why use the Motivio Meals app? 


1. Using a mobile app and digital distribution is more convenient than paper or plastic vouchers, both for administration and for employees;
2. The digital budget never expires and never gets lost;
3. The digital platform provides an array of new opportunities for companies, employees and meal providers – loyalty points, discount promos and many more.


Motivio Meals lunch places

See some of our partners. We will sign up new restaurants according to your team's taste. 

Features for companies

Pay for employees’ meals and business meals


Manage separate budgets for employees' personal meals and business meals – e.g., back-office employees may have only a personal meals budget of 50 EUR per month, while salespeople and project managers have an additional business meals budget of 40 EUR per month.  

Individual discount deals 

Usually, suppliers provide discounts to Motivio Meals customers. Additionally, you can negotiate individual deals with particular suppliers so that your employees get better offers and set the specific pricing terms in the app – they will be applied automatically to your employees only, not to other Motivio Meals customers.  

Manage employees and budgets


Use the administration web portal to add, edit and delete employees’ access, and to set budgets. Set specific periods of employment for temporary workers. Employees will be able to use the app and payments only within the budget and period allowed by the administration. ​​

Automatic and precise invoices

The Motivio Meals system automatically registers all transactions and prepares aggregated invoices separately for employee meals and business meals. 

Automated additional documents 

The system can automatically prepare all other necessary documents, e.g. expense reports for business meals. 

Features for employees

iOS and Android mobile app + NFC card


Employees download the app from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play and sign in with the username and password provided by the employer. Employees can also pay with an NFC card. 


Pay for the meals 


Employees pay for their meals with the mobile app, by scanning the QR code that is provided by the seller/cashier. The Motivio Meals app displays the remaining budget and registers all payments. 


See available places 


Employees are able to see available places that accept payments with Motivio Meals. Employees are not tied to one particular place but can choose according to their taste and location. 


Discount catalogue 


Employees can see available discounts and special offers provided by restaurants. The offers are conveniently sorted by the closest location. 


Collect and spend loyalty points 


Restaurants can provide both discounts and loyalty points. Employees can collect points and spend them by getting larger discounts. The process of allocating, tracking and spending the points is fully automated. ​

Additional details for the expense reports 

If the employees are required to prepare expense reports for business meals, they can add the additional purchase details straight into the app, so that the report later is generated automatically with the details provided.

How to get started

1. Contact us
and we will gladly set up a meeting to tell you more about us and to sign a collaboration agreement.
2. Employee opinion poll 
We carry out an employee opinion poll in order to determine which restaurants are most popular among your employees for having lunch or holding a business meeting. 
3. Supplier catalogue  
If necessary, we will sign a contract with new suppliers based on the results of the opinion poll of your employees. 
4. Employee profiles 
We provide training and assistance in creating employee profiles and setting a budget. 

How it works

1. Monthly payment 
At the beginning of a new month, make a single payment for the total planned meals budget. 

2. Daily purchases 
When employees make purchases with the mobile app, they are registered in the Motivio Meals system. 

3. Invoice and budget transfer 
At the end of the month, the system automatically prepares an invoice for the precise amount of purchases. The unspent budget is automatically transferred to the next month. Your money never expires and never gets lost! 

4. Automated control 
The system automatically sets employees’ budget levels. It also automatically enables and disables employees’ access to the budget and the app at the time and date specified by the employer.



€ 3.00 
Per user / month + VAT
1-49 users  
Companies with
50 and more users

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pre-pay for meals? Why not just transfer a certain amount of money to the employee's bank account?
The purpose of employee benefits is to provide the employee with tangible benefits, which are perceived differently from a money transfer. It’s just like with gifts – the thought behind a banknote and a gift card differs. This is the reason why businesses provide employees with meal cards, gym memberships and the like. Benefits of this kind are perceived and appreciated differently from money transfers. 
Which cafés and restaurants are available? 
You decide that. We conduct an opinion poll when we begin our collaboration in order to find out what your employees would like. If the locations mentioned by your employees are not yet partners of ours, we sign new partnerships based on the results of the opinion poll. 
Can I pay for food delivery? 
Yes, food delivery companies can be Motivio partners as well. 
Can I pay for any meal or just lunch?
Yes, you can permit the employees to use the allocated budget outside their lunch break. 
We already have a contract with a meal provider. Why should we choose Motivio instead?
With Motivio Meals, your employees will have more choices – they can have their meals at different locations. Having a meal at the same location day in and day out can become boring. No employer wants their employees to become bored and at risk of leaving. 
If you wish to maintain a partnership with just one meal provider, you can choose Motivio for this particular model and use it for free. The benefits to you of doing this are that it is a process that is easy to review and is hassle-free for either granting or terminating access for employees, and for setting a budget, as well as for expense report overview.
Are the employees limited to one supplier? 
There is no limit to the number of suppliers.
We already use paper or plastic meal vouchers. Why choose Motivio instead? 
Our mobile app provides the employer with a convenient and hassle-free management system, and the employees receive more options too. 
Can budgets differ for different employees? 
Yes, you can set a budget for each individual employee. You can also set up the employment start/end dates. However, if you take advantage of tax breaks, the differences in budgets must be objectively justified (i.e. by length of employment or position, not employee performance evaluation). 
What about the GDPR? 
We only collect information that is necessary for all parties involved in accordance with accounting regulations. The supplier receives information on the total purchase amount of the business only. You, the buyer, receive information regarding each employee's purchase amount and each supplier’s total amount.  
What if we have additional desires and ideas? 
Since we are an innovative technology business, hearing the phrase "new ideas and desires" makes us drop the mouse, pen or fork we have in our hands, and head to the client to discuss these ideas and bring them to realisation.

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