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Higher income from corporate clients

Attract new clients and increase the income from your
existing corporate clients
Created for cafeterias, restaurants, cafés and bars.
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Marketing and payment system
for collaboration
with corporate clients

Corporate clients use Motivio Meals to pre-pay for employee meals and business meals. 
Benefits of Motivio Meals for suppliers:
1. An opportunity to attract new corporate clients
2. Discount and loyalty point offers that promote repeat purchases
3. Approach clients directly via the mobile app     
4. Track purchases made by employees of corporate clients
5. Automated invoice generation and corporate client invoicing 

Features for management

Access to Motivio Meals clients 
Employees of Motivio Meals clients pay for their private and business meals with the Motivio mobile app. As soon as you become a supplier of ours, you receive access to all our clients, which allows you to initiate marketing communication with them. 
Marketing and communication with clients
Marketing communication takes place through the mobile app, which the employees use daily to pay for their meals. With the app, the users: 
  • Choose where to go based on location or special offer;
  • Find out about lunch and special offers;
  • Receive information on new discounts and loyalty point offers.
Discount and loyalty point offers 
The web management system encourages new and return purchases, and you can use it to create special offers: 
  • Discount offers – give a percentage discount
  • Loyalty point offers – customers collect points for purchases at your business that can only be redeemed at your business. 
The features of our system enable various offers to be made – e.g. for purchases on business days from 12:00 to 16:00 you can award points that can be redeemed for purchases on holidays at a rate of 10%, or after 16:00 at a rate of 50% or 100%. 
Individualised terms for regular clients
Apply personalised discounts and conditions for collecting loyalty points to your regular clients. 
Purchase reports 
Analyse the results with various types of reports – focusing on a particular branch or time of day, on special offers, etc. 
Automated invoicing 
Motivio Meals automatically and regularly generates invoices and sends them to the clients. 

Features for cashiers and waiters

iOS and Android app
Cashiers and waiters download the app for receiving payments from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play, and sign in using the login information provided by the management.   
Receiving payments via the mobile app

The cashier/waiter inputs the amount due (or chooses from frequently used amounts) in the app and the app generates a QR code that the client must scan.
The client makes the payment with the mobile app by scanning the QR code presented by the cashier/waiter.
The app, according to the collaboration agreement, automatically applies a discount, calculates the applicable loyalty points, and allows the loyalty points to be redeemed. 
No integration with the cash register required 
To receive payments and enable marketing offers, integration with the cash register is not necessary. 

How to get started

1. Contact us
and we will gladly set up a meeting to tell you more about us and to sign a collaboration agreement.
2. Configuring the system
We provide training and assistance in configuring the system: registering the locations where payments are accepted and inputting marketing offers. 
3. Installing the system for your clients
We provide training for your clients to ensure that the client can assign login information to their employees and set their meal budgets. For more information on how the app functions for clients, see here

How it works

1. Client purchases 
Over the course of the month, client employees make purchases at your locations and pay with the mobile app. 
2. Creating invoices 
The system automatically generates client invoices, calculating the purchase amount and the applicable discounts according to your marketing offers. 
3. Invoice payment 
Motivio settles client invoices when clients collaborate with multiple suppliers.
If your client collaborates with you exclusively, the client settles their payment according to your existing agreement. 


Pay for results only. Commission fee based on income generated. No installing fees. No fixed fees.

For free 
For your existing client purchases.
When we start our collaboration and as long as it continues, 
you identify your exclusive clients. Services provided to these clients are free of charge.
However, if you acquire new clients who are not exclusive, the first year
is free of charge.
From 5% 
Motivio Meals client purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

Which businesses can be suppliers? 
We collaborate with cafeterias, restaurants, cafés, bistros, bars and food delivery businesses.
How does it work technically? Is it integrated with the cash register? 
Integration with the cash register is not necessary but if you want to do this for reasons of your own, it can be implemented. 
The technical solution is the Motivio Meals mobile app, which the cashier uses to input the amount due. The app then generates and displays a QR code, which the client scans. Upon the transaction being successfully made, both parties receive a confirmation notification and the system registers the purchase. The system applies any discounts and loyalty points automatically. 
Who are the "exclusive clients" who can be provided with services free of charge?
These are the corporate clients that you have an exclusive partnership with – the client pays for their employees’ meals exclusively at your business. In these situations, using Motivio Meals is free of charge, both for the client and the meal provider. 
However, non-exclusive clients are companies that pre-pay for their employees’ meals with multiple Motivio suppliers. A non-exclusive client who you have recommended Motivio Meals to is a company that has signed a contract with Motivio as a result of a recommendation by you and which collaborates with multiple Motivio suppliers. 
What if we have additional desires and ideas? 
Since we are an innovative technology business, hearing the phrase "new ideas and wishes" makes us drop the mouse, pen, or fork we have in our hands, and head to the client to discuss these ideas and bring them to realisation.

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