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We have new brand - Motivio

As I wrote before, only two days after being in the accelerator, we came to conclusion that we need a new brand. A brand that will better reflect what we do. A brand that will inspire us and our customers for higher achievements in what we all do.

Our field is motivation and loyalty!

1. Business customers motivate and engage their employees with our app

2. Benefits providers motivate and engage their visitors with our app.

With the new brand, we shift focus and centre from technical actions (payments) and narrowly defined part of stakeholders (cafeterias) to the main benefit that we provide to all stakeholders - motivation.

We are glad to announce Motivio!

The green is the colour of harmony, balance and health.

The upward and forward arrow is for energy and also reflects our philosophy "Results are determined by our beliefs and attitude with which we work". John Stuart Mill has said "One person with a belief is equal to ninety-nine who have only interests".

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